Questions about arrival and stay

The Europa-Park hotels, the Camp Resort and the Europa-Park Camping are located in the border triangle region of Germany, France and Switzerland and are therefore easy to reach. Whether you are travelling by car, public transport, a bus tour operator, long-distance bus or plane - here you will find the most important information at a glance!

All Europa-Park hotels except hotel ‘Krønasår’ are located directly at Europa-Park and have a separate entrance to Europa-Park. Guests of hotel ‘Krønasår’can take the Hotel Shuttle to the stop 'Hoteleingang' (hotel entrance) and then use the hotel entrance as well. Details can be found on the site map.

The Waterworld Rulantica is located next to Hotel Krønasår and has a separate entrance. Guests of Hotel Krønasår can directly access the water world via a connecting bridge. Guests from the other Europa-Park hotels can take the hotel shuttle to the "Rulantica" stop and enter the Water World via the main entrance. Details can be found on the site plan.

Guests of the Camp Resort & Camping can reach the Water World by their own car or by the free "Rust Bus" (click here for the timetable).
Guests of the Camp Resort & Camping need a hotel authorization voucher, which can be handed out at the check-in on site, to use the parking lot of the Water World free of charge.

The Camp Resort is located near the main entrance of Europa-Park. Guests of the Camp Resort can enter Europa-Park directly from the main entrance. Details can be found on the site plan.

On presentation of the booking confirmation, the tickets can be collected on the day of arrival at the respective hotel reception or Camp Resort reception. Registration at the booked hotel or Camp Resort is, in each case, mandatory. Guests who have booked a stay at the hotel 'Castillo Alcazar', please contact the reception of the hotel 'El Andaluz'.

Tickets that have already been purchased can be presented upon arrival at the reception. The reception desk will check these for validity and mark current admission tickets with a hotel stamp. With this stamp, you can also use the hotel entrance to Europa-Park as well as the VIP opening times. If the ticket you have brought with you has expired, the value of the ticket will be credited and a new ticket will be issued.

Hotel guests with a valid ResortPass can enter Europa-Park directly via our hotel entrance. However, it is important to contact the reception before visiting Europa-Park. The ResortPass will be digitally recorded here in order to use the hotel entrance.

All hotel guests who have a valid Europa-Park ticket for the current day are allowed to enter Europa-Park half an hour earlier during the summer season and one hour earlier during the winter season. In Rulantica, VIP access with a valid ticket can be used all year round, already from 9.00 am. Please note that only some selected attractions are open. This offer is valid on the day of arrival, during your stay and on the day of departure. It is also exclusively reserved for Europa-Park hotel guests. ResortPass owner can also make use of VIP entry to Europa-Park with an overnight stay in a hotel. However, this cannot be transferred to friends or family members who are not staying at one of the Europa-Park hotels.

To save time on arrival, the pre-check-in can be used. Further information can be found here.

It is not a problem if you want to arrive earlier. Only the occupation of the rooms is possible from 03.30 pm. The offers for hotel guests, such as VIP access, are valid on the day of arrival, during the stay, as well as on the day of departure, and can already be used from the morning of the day of arrival.If you choose to use our SMS or Push service at Pre-Check-In, we will inform you if your room is ready for occupancy before 3:30 pm.

Rooms are available from 3.30pm. If the room is ready before 03.30pm, upon request, we will send our guests a text message or push notification. In order to receive the text, it is necessary to give your mobile phone number at the hotel reception upon arrival. Users logged into the Europa-Park Hotel App can receive a push notification. The room key can be picked up at the respective reception desk.

You can also move into the room after Europa-Park / Rulantica has closed. You have two options for this:

The registration directly in the morning when you pick up your tickets at the respective reception.
We will inform you by SMS or push notification if your room is available before 15:30. However, you can also check into your room at a later time. Our hotel reception is staffed 24 hours a day.

If you plan to arrive or check-in after 6:00 p.m., you can simply inform us by phone at     +49 7822 860-0. The hotel reception is staffed 24 hours a day.

At all Europa-Park hotels and at the Camp Resort, there are rooms available where luggage can be deposited before checking in and also after checking out. The reception team will be happy to help you with this. We accept no liability for loss.

All hotel receptions have lockers in which valuables can be locked away free of charge. In the Camp Resort there are free lockers on the premises. The hotels 'Colosseo', 'Santa Isabel', 'Bell Rock' and 'Krønasår' are also equipped with lockers in the rooms/suites. The hotels 'El Andaluz' and 'Castillo Alcazar' only have safes in the suites.

For dinner it is recommended to make a table reservation in advance. The Guest Relations Team will be happy to take these via email at An online reservation is possible at, as well as in the Europa-Park Hotel app. Reservations are generally not possible in the bars.

Questions about the Europa-Park ResortPass

The ResortPass is Europa-Park's annual pass. General information about this are available online.

The Europa-Park Resort Pass is a strictly limited and digital product. We strongly recommend to purchase the Resort Pass already at home online (only while stocks last). An exhibition at the reception is not possible.

When staying in the hotel resort, the Camp Resort or the Europa-Park Camping, you can visit Europa-Park even on blocked days during your stay (incl. day of arrival and departure).

No, this is not possible. The printed card can only be issued at the information office at the tower in the French themed area of Europa-Park, for a fee of €5.

When you book an overnight stay in one of the Europa-Park themed hotels, the Camp Resort or at the Europa-Park Camping, and your stay falls within the validity period of your ResortPass, we will reserve your Europa-Park tickets for all days of your stay. This includes the arrival and departure days. You will not find these reservations in the ResortPass portal, but you will automatically have access to Europa-Park on all these days. Please provide your ResortPass ID(s) during hotel booking. As a ResortPass Gold owner, please note that your day tickets for Rulantica must be booked separately in the ResortPass Portal Reservations for Rulantica are available from 90 days prior to the visit date.

If an overnight stay was booked and a ResortPass was purchased later, you can enter the ResortPass ID(s) online during pre-check-in, but this is also possible on site during check-in at the reception. At check-in, we will deposit the ResortPass ID(s) so that you can enjoy unrestricted access during your entire stay, during Europa-Park's opening hours.

Questions about online booking

  • Easy and secure booking, we work with the ‘SSL secure GlobalSign’ programme
  • Receive a booking confirmation directly after completing the booking
  • Make bookings around the clock from anywhere
  • Large selection of room categories
  • Direct booking possible without credit card
  • No advance payment required*
  • Bookings can be cancelled free of charge up to 3 days before arrival*.
  • Special promotional prices are available at certain times
  • Tickets for events can be booked
  • The number of admission tickets for Europa-Park is freely selectable
  • Wellness treatments can be booked in addition
  • View additional information directly when booking
  • As Best Friend, get 10% discount on overnight stay and breakfast

            * Reduced promotion rates may have special conditions

On the account page, you can view your personal data, as well as upcoming reservations, previous cancellations and table reservations.

Room preferences can also be specified. If the reservation is booked via the tour operator, it is possible to link the external reservation with your own account on the account page. The Hotel Friends programme is also integrated, allowing you to manage eligible stays and view your current status.

Several rooms can only be booked one after the other. At the end of the first reservation there is the possibility to book additional rooms by clicking on 'reserve another room'. The default settings for the travel date, as well as the personal account details, are retained so that further bookings can be made quickly.

Only rarely are rooms requested for identical bookings, such as 5 double rooms. However, Europa-Park hotel guests are given the greatest possible flexibility when booking a room. Therefore, every reservation can be individualised to a great extent - from the room to the tickets for Europa-Park as well as Rulantica, and much more. To ensure that this process does not become too complex and to make it easy to find your way through the booking process, booking several rooms can only be done consecutively.

It is possible to indicate at the time of booking that the booking is being made for another person. It is important to list the names and dates of birth of the persons arriving.

The hotels that are available for the selected combination of number of persons and time period are always displayed. If the desired Europa-Park hotel is no longer available, it is also possible to contact the tour operators Ameropa or DerTour (for Switzerland: Railaway and Hotelplan) to check whether they still have room allocations.

The child is included in the price of accommodation if sleeping in the parents' bed.

For an extra charge of €6.00 per night and per child, a cot can be added to the room, or a normal bed for an extra charge of €15.00 per night and per child (please write your request in the comment line).

Breakfast is included in the room price and does not have to be booked separately. (except the Europa-Park Camping).

Unfortunately, the Europa-Park Club Card is currently not available. An extension of existing cards is also not possible. Further information can be found here.

Tickets for Europa-Park and Rulantica are not automatically included in the overnight stay prices. There are however selected offers which include admission tickets for Europa-Park or Rulantica. In this case, this will be explicitly pointed out. In step 1 of the online booking process, only the overnight stay in one of the Europa-Park hotels will be displayed. Admission tickets can be added in the following steps.

You can get your booked tickets at the hotel reception. You can then access Europa-Park directly through the hotel entrance. As a hotel guest, Europa-Park opens early for you; 30 minutes before the official opening time in the summer season and 60 minutes in the winter season, with changing attractions. This can be used from the day-of-arrival with a valid admission ticket. The opening times of Europa-Park can be found here. Europa-Park is closed during the low season.

Please note that the indoor water world Rulantica has a limited capacity. Due to the high demand, we recommend booking the tickets with a hotel reservation before visiting. There is no guarantee that tickets will still be available on-site. You can get your booked tickets at the hotel reception. As a hotel guest, the indoor water world Rulantica opens at 9.00 a.m. The opening times of the indoor water world Rulantica can be found here.

It is generally advisable to reserve tickets in advance. Together with the overnight stay, you have the opportunity to purchase cheaper multi-day tickets for Europa-Park. You also have the opportunity to receive a 20% discount on tickets with the special offer rate, which can only be booked online. Please note that separate reservation conditions apply here. You have no guarantee of Rulantica tickets on site at the reception desks, as there is a limited number of tickets available for Rulantica.

After having selected your room, the next step is to add the Europa-Park and Rulantica tickets, as well as any events, to your booking under ‘Events & Extras’.

Promotional rate: On selected periods, the ‘promotional rate’ can be booked with a 20% discount on accommodation, breakfast and admission. Please note the booking conditions. Offer for guests aged 60+: From the age of 60, guests receive a discount on admission tickets for Europa-Park and Rulantica as well as a discount for one overnight stay (Sunday - Thursday). Long stay discount: If you stay for 4 or more nights in one of the Europa-Park hotels, you will receive a 10% discount on accommodation and breakfast from the 4th night on. Further information and current offers on our website.


Yes. You can cancel your reservation by logging into your account and navigating to the My Reservations tab. Click on the recycling bin icon to cancel your chosen reservation. Your cancellation will be confirmed by email shortly thereafter.

Please note, you should always check the cancellation policy of your chosen reservation. Special cancellation policies may apply for reservations that cannot be cancelled free of charge (e.g. special rate offers). In such cases, you can find the cancellation policies in the column on the right instead of the recycling bin icon.

If you want to rebook or cancel your prepaid stays, please contact our reservation team at +49 7822 8600

The cancellation conditions vary from room to room. Normally bookings can be cancelled or rebooked free of charge up to 3 days before arrival. You can find the respective booking conditions when selecting the rate (step 4 of the booking process) under 'Good to know', and in the reservation confirmation. The conditions for reservations that cannot be cancelled free of charge and special offers may differ. In case of late cancellation, we charge a cancellation fee of at least 80% of the accommodation amount.

The reservations department is available daily (excl. 24th + 25th December).

The reservation department is available at the following times:

Monday - Sunday: 08.00 am – 07.00 pm

The reservations department can be contacted by telephone on +49 7822 860-0* and by email at hotel@europapark.deThe group reservation (from 20 persons) can be made by calling +497822 860-5676 as well as by sending an email to

* for international guests: +497822 860-5679

Questions about the pre-check-in

You can check in online as soon as you receive your booking confirmation. If you have booked your room through a travel agency, the Pre-Check-In will be available two days after the you made the booking at the earliest.

You can find the reservation number on the booking confirmation in the top right corner. If you have booked through a travel agency, please refer to the voucher for your number.

You can check in every reservation online, if you have the first name and surname as well as the email address of the main traveller, and the reservation number. Furthermore, you will need the address of the main traveller and the names and dates of birth of all companions in order to be able to finalise the Pre-Check-In. If the main traveller does not live in Germany, you will also require the passport number (identity card/ID card/passport) of the main traveller.

Of course. You can also check in your Camp Resort booking online as soon as you receive the booking confirmation.

You need the first name and surname as well as the email address of the main traveller, and the reservation number. Furthermore, you will need the address of the main traveller and the names and dates of birth of all companions in order to be able to finalise the Pre-Check-In. If the main traveller does not live in Germany, you will also require the passport number (identity card/ID card/passport) of the main traveller.

Please try again later. If it does not work later either, please get in touch with our support team at (We are here to assist you during regular office hours from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.), or by calling +49 7822 8600.

No. The Pre-Check-In is independent from the payment of your reservation. You can pay your reservation online at any time, using your personal payment link on the booking confirmation, or contactless with your credit card at the reception during your stay.

Unfortunately, you cannot edit your details after completing the Pre-Check-In. If you would like to change your details, or have inserted incorrect details, please contact our support team via email ( - We are here to assist you during regular office hours from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.), or call us at +49 7822 8600.

No, you can only change or cancel your reservation via email or by calling us. If you have booked your stay through a travel agency, please get in touch with your contact person there. Please have your reservation number ready. You can contact us at (We are here to assist you during regular office hours from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.), or by calling +49 7822 8600.

If the conditions of your reservation allow a rebooking or cancellation, then this will also be possible after completing the Pre-Check-In, according to the booking conditions. Please get in touch via email at (We are here to assist you during regular office hours from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.), or by calling +49 7822 8600.

If you don’t complete the Pre-check-in, this will not affect your existing reservation. However, we recommend you complete your Pre-Check-In as you will help us make your stay as contactless as possible and accelerate the registration process at your arrival. Thank you!

The pre-check-in can also be used without payment already made. After the successful pre-check-in, our guests are free to settle the booking. However, the reservation can also be paid online at any time using the personal payment link in the reservation confirmation.

The Pre-Check-In is a free service offer of the Europa-Park GmbH & Co Hotelbetriebe KG. We are committed to making your stay as comfortable as possible to reduce waiting time, and to accelerate the arrival process. We are therefore offering the Pre-Check-In online, so you can maximise you stay and Experience.Time.Together!

If all data has been transmitted correctly, a success message will appear at the end of the pre-check-in. A confirmation can be printed out immediately. An email with additional confirmation will also be sent.

You can check in your reservation online as soon as you receive your booking confirmation. The Pre-Check-In is possible at any time and is independent from the booked time period. We recommend completing the Pre-Check-In as early as possible. If the Pre-Check-In for your reservation is not available yet, please try again later.

You have the option to save the details of your accompanying travellers for your next stay. In this case, your accompanying travellers will also be suggested in future bookings and Pre-Check-Ins. Please select the option ‘Remember this person for future bookings’ when adding your accompanying travellers.

Perhaps you have booked your stay through a travel agency and not directly with the hotel. In this case, your contact details are not held by the hotel. Therefore, your stay was not automatically linked to your account. Please enter your address again or link your stay beforehand.

Please get in touch with our support team, with a detailed description of the error or a screenshot. You can contact us via email at (We are here to assist you during regular office hours from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.), or by calling us at +49 7822 8600.

We use your data exclusively for the fulfilment of the contractual booked services. They will not be passed on to third parties. You can find further information at

The Europa-Park GmbH & Co - Hotelbetriebe KG processes and uses your data to process and implement the accommodation contract. The legal basis for the specified details are the paragraphs 23 and 24 of the Registration Act / GBI and the general terms and conditions.

For an improved hotel process, we also save the dates of birth of the accompanying persons, as age is significant when calculating the price of hotel rooms, tickets as well as buffet prices. Your details will be automatically deleted after 10 years.

A withdrawal is possible at any time via email at, or by post, Europa-Park GmbH & Co - Hotelbetriebe KG, Datenschutz, Europa-Park-Str.4+6, 77977 Rust. We will delete your details immediately. If deletion is not possible due to legal requirements of tax and commercial law, your data will only be processed for legal obligations. Processing for commercial purposes will no longer take place after an objection.


The service of selecting a desired room is exclusively available to all members of the Europa-Park Hotel Friends Programme, free of charge. Room bookings must be made online at or in our Europa-Park Hotel App. There must be at least 30 days between the booking and the day of arrival. If all conditions are met, this option will be displayed in the confirmation window immediately after the online booking.

This function is directly linked to the online booking and cannot be used afterwards, therefore the room can only be selected during the booking process. After the browser window has been closed, this option is no longer available. A subsequent change of the desired room is also not supported online.

The room you have chosen will be treated with the highest priority. Unforeseen changes may occur during hotel operations and therefore a binding commitment is not possible.

No, this service is considered a ‘request’. A 100% guarantee is not possible. The hotel only guarantees for the selected room category. There is no claim for price reduction. If any changes are made, no preliminary information is given.

In every Europa-Park Hotel and in Europa-Park Camp Resort (except the Europa-Park Camping).

No, the desired room will be digitally filed in the reservation. There is no written confirmation.

This service is exclusive for Europa-Park Hotel Friends members only. You can still become a member at any time and free of charge. Sign up here.

All available rooms in the reserved category at the time of the reservation will be shown. If your stay is longer than one night, only the rooms available for the whole stay will be offered. If no free rooms are shown the allocation is exhausted and the option to select a desired room is not possible anymore.

This depends on the personal preferences of each guest. Possible preferences could be: upper floor or ground floor, view, centrally accessible or far away from the lift.

Questions about payment

Hotel rooms do not have to be paid for in advance when booking online. If guests wish to pay on site, a credit card (VISA, AMEX, MASTERCARD, Diners Club or DISCOVER) is required as a guarantee of the online booking.

Reduced rates are offered during some periods, with certain conditions attached to these displayed promotional prices. One of these conditions is immediate payment.

The hotel requires a credit card to guarantee the reservation. If guests do not have a credit card, there is an additional online option to pay in advance. The following options for immediate payment are available online: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, Diners Club, DISCOVER, PayPal, Klarna, GiroPay (for German bank accounts that support giropay), Checque Vacances and PostFinance (for Swiss bank accounts of PostFinance).

There is a visitor's tax of € 1 per night per adult. This can be paid directly when booking online, at the precheckin or on site at the reception.

At the end of the booking process and the pre-check-in there is the possibility to enter an invoice address separately from the private address.

Questions about arrangement and wellness vouchers

The vouchers have no expiry date! If the voucher is redeemed at a later date (later season), a surcharge will be charged depending on the price change.

It is possible to directly purchase a voucher for wellness treatments or overnight stays on the booking page. An EMOTIONS gift card can be purchased by telephone on +49 7822 77-6688 or directly via our online shop.

With our Print at Home service, vouchers as well as admission tickets and event tickets can be conveniently printed out yourself.

A voucher can be entered at the end of the online booking, when confirming the personal data and method of payment. The voucher can be redeemed on arrival at the reception desk.

Wellness & Spa ‘Santa Isabel’
in the monastery walls of the 4* superior hotel ‘Santa Isabel’

Wellness & Spa ‘Colosseo’
in the ancient Roman wellness temple of the 4* superior hotel ‘Colosseo’

Wellness & Spa ‘Bell Rock’
in the maritime ‘New England’ ambience of the 4* superior hotel ‘Bell Rock’

Questions about the Europa-Park Hotel App

Due to the numerous functions of the Europa-Park Hotel App, all guests of the Europa-Park hotels and the Camp Resort can benefit from its use. Particularly members of our Europa-Park Hotel Friends programme, as they receive a multitude of additional functions.

An internet connection is crucial to use the Europa-Park Hotel App with all its functions.

It is not a must to log in, information and impressions can also be obtained without registration. However, for functions such as managing past and future stays, digital check-out or reserving a table for dinner, registration is essential.

The login and account for room reservation is the same as for the Europa-Park Hotel app. It is also possible to log in to the Europa-Park Hotel app with the Hotel Friends number, if available.

The account is personalised and therefore only provides information about the main person travelling. Persons travelling with you cannot view booked stays. For further questions or feedback please contact

It is possible to log in using several devices at the same time, but the account is always the same.


  • Information about your own device and operating system
  • Personal data such as name, address, date of birth, email are mandatory. Further data may include telephone numbers, profile picture, fellow travellers, etc.
  • Loyalty Programme membership number, Loyalty Programme status, data on past and future stays
  • Notes on individual reservations, guest requests and room preferences


  • Booking overnight stays, reserving tables and wellness offers
  • Managing and registering your own profile with personal data
  • Personalised timeline for your stay with information and tips
  • Receiving push notifications
  • EP-Express Radar and Hotel Shuttle timetable
  • Overview calendar of Europa-Park and Rulantica with opening and show times
  • Mobile Check-Out with payment
  • Countdown function until the next stay
  • Face and Touch ID
  • Europa-Park Radio
  • Linking of reservations which were booked via the tour operator
  • Independent supplementation of past stays
  • Check the credit balance of the EMOTIONS/ Hotelfriends voucher card by entering the barcode number
  • Downloading information material such as parking plans, menus and other brochures
  • Information, videos and pictures about events, programmes and activities at Europa-Park hotels, Camp Resort & Camping, Europa-Park and Rulantica

Push notifications are messages that are sent without opening the Europa-Park Hotel app that appear on the user's smartphone. However, users must be logged in to the Europa-Park Hotel app and have given permission to receive push notifications. Under the settings in the 'More' section you can select whether you would like a push notification as soon as your room is ready on the day of arrival and/or if there are new offers and promotions. In the personalised message centre of the Europa-Park Hotel app account there is also a chronological list of the Push notifications already received.

The mobile checkout on the day of departure is available from 6:00 am to 11:00 am.
After that, mobile checkout is no longer possible.
If there is a credit balance on your invoice or if individual items are to be
by another person or company, a mobile checkout is also not possible.

If the room cannot be checked out independently via the Europa-Park Hotel app, please contact the respective reception desk or send an email to (office hours: Monday-Friday from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm)

Please send problems, wishes or suggestions to Many thanks! (office hours: Monday-Friday from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm)

Questions about the Europa-Park Hotel Friends Program

It is a loyalty program for guests who are particularly likely to spend the night at Europa-Park hotels as well as at the Camp Resort. Members of the Hotel Friends programme benefit from exclusive advantages and friendly gestures. Find more information and register online at

Registration for the Europa-Park Hotel Friends loyalty program is only possible online. When registering, all users are also obliged to confirm the conditions of participation for the program online. Participation begins with successful online registration at or via our Europa-Park Hotel App.

It is possible to create an account from the age of 16, but to become a member of the Europa-Park Hotel Friends programme, the minimum required age is 18 years old.

Only individual persons who have reached the age of 18 and who have a valid email address are eligible to participate. Companies, organisations or groups are not eligible to participate.

Membership in the Europa-Park Hotel Friends loyalty program is free of charge. There is no legal entitlement to participate in the program.

Members can earn eligible stays at participating hotels. This includes all Europa-Park hotels as well as the Camp Resort (excluding camping and caravan spaces).

All qualifying stays that are not older than 10 years can be accumulated. A stay is the period between arrival (check-in) and departure (check-out). This period is always associated with at least one overnight stay in the participating hotels or in the Camp Resort (excluding camping and caravan spaces). If a member checks out and checks in again on the same day at the same, or a different, participating hotel, or the Camp Resort (excluding camping and caravan spaces), this counts as a single stay for the purposes of calculating the eligible stays.

All sales-based stays that are no older than 10 years and are attributed to one guest. This also includes bookings via tour operators, online portals, companies or event bookings as well as bookings at special prices.

Eligible stays automatically expire after 10 years. The reference date is 31st December of the current calendar year. The eligible stays will be recalculated on this date. Example: A stay from 5th August 2011 expires on 31st December 2021. For Best Friends members this means: If 15 stays are not reached again, the status will change to the participant status Good Friends. If the 15 stays are reached again, there is no change in status. Exception: If a member has achieved Best Friends status, this status will be maintained for the remainder of the calendar year in which it was obtained and until the end of the following calendar year, even if the 15 eligible stays are not reached after the recalculation.

Eligible stays will be credited to the member's account within 2 working days of the check-out.

A main traveller must be specified for each hotel room booked. The first-named person, including the associated address on the registration form document, is considered the main traveller. Only this person is entitled to have their respective stay credited. If several members spend the night together in one room, this does not entitle them to multiple benefits. The benefits are only granted once per room per stay.

The main traveller, who is the first named person, including the associated address, on the registration form document. If two or more members share a room, stays and benefits will only be given to the main traveller (see registration form).

  • Free stays
  • Extra nights
  • Day room
  • Stays resulting from a change of hotel or room *²
  • Overlapping stays (count as one) *³
  • Double bookings (count as one) *³
  • Stays that were more than 10 calendar years ago


*² If a member checks out and checks in again on the same day at the same or a different participating hotel or Camp Resort (excluding camping and caravan spaces), this counts as a single stay for the purposes of calculating the eligible stays.

 *³ Only one stay can be credited to the member per travel period, even if several rooms have been reserved for the same travel period or the travel periods overlap.

Missing stays can only be submitted in the online profile using the form ‘Request missing stays’ under the menu item ‘My stays’ after departure. Evidence must be provided by the member.

External reservations can only be submitted in the online profile using the ‘Link external reservation’ form under the menu item ‘My stays’. Evidence of the missing stays must be provided by the member.

Stays accumulated by a member cannot be transferred to another person. Exception in the event of death: stays are transferable to a legally-registered spouse or registered life partner in the event of a proven death of the member. Stays are not transferable to another person for any other reason, including divorce or inheritance.

Stays older than 10 years automatically expire at the beginning of the year.

We want active members who want to visit us regularly and collect their stays. For this reason, we have decided to only count the stays during the last 10 years. This applies uniformly to all members of our loyalty program.

The program is divided into two levels, Good Friends Status and Best Friends Status. The two membership levels are based on the number of your stays in our hotels. The more stays our guests collect, the more interesting the program advantages become.

Good Friend (Participant status):

0-14 qualified stays in the last 10 calendar years:

After successfully registering online, our guests immediately receive Good Friends status. When you present your personalised membership card at reception, you will automatically receive the following benefits from your second arrival: View the current Good Friends benefits here.

Best Friend (Premium status):

From 15 qualified stays in the last 10 calendar years:

As soon as the Best Friends status has been achieved, this status will be maintained for the remainder of the calendar year in which it was achieved. Just like until the end of the following calendar year.

 In addition to the advantages of the Good Friends status, members with the Best Friends status receive the following additional advantages if a membership card was presented without being asked at check-in: When the room reservation is made directly in a Europa-Park hotel or online via the Europa-Park website, our members receive an additional 10% discount on the room rate (this discount cannot be combined with other discounts and special offers). The full benefits of being a Best Friend can be seen here.

After successful online registration, the member can print out their restricted and temporary membership card online themselves. The next time you arrive at one of the Europa-Park hotels, the temporary paper membership card can be exchanged for a full membership card at the hotel reception. It is not possible to send a membership card by post. Members who use the Europa-Park Hotel app can have their membership card displayed digitally. Please present your membership card every time you arrive so that you can benefit from your advantages.

The operator must be informed immediately of the loss of a membership card. The issuance of a new membership card can only be requested on site and is associated with a flat-rate fee of three euros (€3.00).

No, the membership card cannot be sent by post. The membership card can be picked up at the reception for the next stay after registration. Please ask our staff directly during the check-in at the reception if you wish to receive the membership card.

No, there is no partner membership card. Membership is only valid for the registered person. In the case of couples, it is recommended that they only have one account and collect stays together. Please ensure that you always book in the name of the member who is registered in our loyalty program.

The exclusive Early Bird bonus is a discount code of €15.00. This code can be redeemed online for room reservations within a specified period of time.

All Hotel Friends members receive the exclusive Early Bird bonus by email once a year in late summer. Please note that we require a valid email address for this.

To receive a welcome gift, it is necessary to show a personalised membership card at the hotel reception upon check-in. Afterwards the welcome gift will be given by our employees. The membership card can also be presented using the smartphone via our Europa-Park Hotel app. You cannot benefit from any of the advantages without presenting your membership card.

If several members spend the night together in one room, this does not entitle them to multiple benefits. These are only granted once per room per stay and to the main person arriving (first named person on the registration form) who is a member of the loyalty program.

A main traveller must be specified for each hotel room that has been booked. The first-named person, including the associated address on the registration form document, is considered the main traveller. If this person is a member of the Europa-Park Hotel Friends loyalty program, only this person will receive the benefits, for example: the welcome gift.

All members who have achieved the status of BEST FRIEND receive the limited collector’s edition room cards when the room key is handed out (while stocks last).

The 10% discount (on overnight stay and breakfast) is automatically applied with a direct booking, provided that the BEST FRIEND status has been achieved.

No, the 10% discount (on overnight stay and breakfast) cannot be combined with other promotional rates.

No, the 10% discount (on overnight stay and breakfast) will only be applied to the room in which the Europa-Park Hotel Friends member with a Best Friend status is staying, and is listed as the main guest. This discount and benefits are not transferable to other family members/rooms in which other family members stay.

Both parties can terminate their participation in the Hotel Friends program properly at any time without observing a notice period and without giving reasons. More information can be found here in our conditions of participation.

Questions about equipment, offers & tips

Hotel guests have free WiFi in all hotels. Simply switch on WiFi, accept the data protection regulations and start surfing.

The wellness and pool areas of Europa-Park hotels are available to all hotel guests free of charge, regardless of the hotel in which you are staying. Furthermore, bathrobes and towels can be rented in the respective areas. Sauna visits are permitted for guests aged 18+. 

We recommend that our guests bring their own bathrobes and towels. The reason for this is that the supplied bathrobes are only one size fits all, all look the same and therefore have a risk of confusion, as well as from a sustainability point of view. Further information about sustainability in the 'More' menu of our Europa-Park Hotel App.

Hotel guests (aged 16+) can train free of charge at Europa-Park's Fitness Club 'Boston Red Sox' at the hotel 'Bell Rock' or at the fitness area ‘Krønasår’, using modern TechnoGym and PowerPlate fitness machines. The use of the equipment is at your own risk. Access requires the use of the room card. More information about courses and opening hours here, in the Europa-Park Hotel app and at the reception.

Each hotel has its own e-charging station for hotel guests. 

IEC Type 2 connection (max. 11.0KW):

4x at the hotel Bell Rock

12x at the hotel Colosseo

4x at the hotel El Andaluz

4x at Hotel Krønasår

4x at Camp Resort

Charging provider: badenova - compatible with all common charging cards

Payment: via app or charging card 

Tesla car owners:
Please follow Tesla's official recommendation for travelling in Germany:
'It is recommended to carry a type 2 charging cable to access public charging infrastructure.’ Please bring your own type 2 charging cable to use the charging facilities at the Europa-Park hotels.

This is a voluntary offer. With this offer, Europa-Park hotels support environmentally friendly travelling. The omission or non-availability of a hotel does not lead to a reduction of the overnight stay price.

TESLA Supercharger
The nearest TESLA Supercharger charging station is at Rasthof Herbolzheim. There are 10 charging stations available (Charging time is 30 minutes).

Further information is available at the hotel reception desk or by telephone on +49 7822 860-0.

Souvenirs, merchandise, fashion, jewellery and much more can be bought in the hotel shops at 'El Andaluz', 'Bell Rock', 'Krønasår' and 'Colosseo' as well as at 'Moda del Colosseo'. Hotel guests can use the free shopping service at Europa-Park before 3pm. Souvenirs bought at Europa-Park are delivered directly to the respective hotel reception and can be picked up there after closing time.

There are several shops in the town of Rust where you can buy groceries, drugstore articles and much more.

ATMs are located in the lobby of the hotels 'Colosseo', 'Santa Isabel', 'Bell Rock' and 'Krønasår'.

During the summer and winter season, there are free activities for the youngest hotel guests, such as the children's disco and a treasure hunt at the hotel 'Bell Rock'. Our museum tour at the hotel 'Krønasår' takes place the whole year. Further information can be found at the respective reception, in the Europa-Park Hotel App or online.

At the main entrance and the hotel entrance to Europa-Park, you can rent a pushchair for a fee of €5.00. Depending on availability, pushchairs are available there for the duration of your visit to Europa-Park (ID card required). To make a reservation in advance, please contact or call +49 7822 77-28200.

Hotel guests who require hypoallergenic bed linen can indicate this when booking a room or upon arrival. In case of food allergies, please inform us when making your table reservation (+49 7822 860-5922). The kitchen staff of Europa-Park hotels are trained to prepare special dishes or menus for this case. However, we recommend the á la carte restaurants, so that we can better respond to special requests.

At the Europa-Park hotels, there is one accessible room in each of the hotels 'Colosseo' (4 pers.), 'Santa Isabel' (6 pers.) as well as two in the hotel 'Krønasår' (4 pers.), three in the hotel 'Bell Rock' (2 or 4 pers.) and one accessible room each in the hotels 'El Andaluz' (2 pers.) and 'Castillo Alcazar' (4 pers.). Depending on the themed hotel, the rooms are lovingly-decorated and furnished with attention to detail.

Bathroom: Stepless access, handles in the shower (85cm high) and to the right and left of the WC (can be folded up, 85cm high), WC height 48cm, movement area of at least 150 x 150cm, wash basin underneath.

Rooms: Width of passage to and into the accessible rooms at least 90cm, movement area in front of the bathroom at least 150 x 150cm and in front of the passage to one long side of the bed at least 150 x 150cm, minimum width on one long side of the bed at least 150cm and next to operating devices and in front of furnishings at least 120cm.

Depending on availability, wheelchairs are available at the hotel receptions for the duration of your stay at the hotel (an identity card must be deposited). For advance reservations, please contact or call +49 7822 860-0.

In general, dogs are allowed at the Europa-Park hotels. Per dog & overnight stay, a fee of €13.00 (without food) will be charged. Dogs are not allowed in the hotel restaurants and bars, as well as in all rides and shows. Furthermore, dogs must be kept on a lead at Europa-Park. At Europa-Park's main entrance, dog hygiene packs can be purchased for €1.00. Dogs are not allowed at the Camp Resort.

Safety is the top priority at Europa-Park. This applies not just to the over 100 attractions, but also to the risk of external interference by third parties. For this reason, Europa-Park is in regular and close contact with the police as well as the Federal Criminal Police Office regarding a possible dangerous situation. No information is given about more detailed security measures.